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About Thai Food

Thai food is a cultural inheritance transfered to and from generations. In Thai eating culture, rice is the main component to be consumed with other supplement. The Thai menu is composed of diverse methods on cooking, for instance, boiling, soup, frying, spicy salad and the chilli paste with the combination of tastes; sour,salty, sweet and spicy that are rarely found in other national cuisines.

Basically, the preparation and the cooking method of the Thai food are delicate. In additional, the decoration by using various colors of vegetables and fruits including the carving of these materials are the arts inherited from the ancient time. These make the Thai food popular in many countries.

Thai food is outstanding in the combination of tastes and the nutritional values which are different from others and make the foods popular all over the world.

The Basement Restaurant is a Fully Licensed Thai Restaurant located at the corner of the road just before you reach the market of Ashbourne.
Open for lunch and evening meals, we serve a wonderful selection of authentic Thai dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Nicely furnished and warmly decorated, you can relax in our stylish restaurant and enjoy the tastes, aromas, flavours and spices of our amazing Thai cuisine.

The Basement Thai Restaurant - The best Thai in Ashbourne

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