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Vegetarian A La Carte Menu


Vegetarian Appetisers

Spring roll (Po Pia Tord)  (V)   £3.95
Deep fried vegetable spring roll served with sweet chilli sauce.  
Vegetable parcel (Thung Thong Phak)  (V)   £4.50
Thai golden parcel stuffed with minced mixed vegetable served with sweet chilli sauce.  
Deep fried bean curd (Tofu Tord)  (V)   £3.95
Deep fried fresh bean curd served with sweet chilli sauce top with peanut (N).  
Sweet corn cake (Khaow Phod Tord)  (V)   £4.50
Sweet corn cake served with sweet chilli sauce.  
Butter vegetable (Phak Tord)  (V)   £3.95
Deep fried beer battered mixed vegetable served with sweet chilli sauce.  
BBQ bean curd (Tofu Satay)  (V)   £4.50
Barbecued bean curd and vegetable served with peanut and cucumber pickle.  
The Basement Vegetable Mixed Starter  (V)   £13.00
Will get Spring roll, vegetable parcel, sweet corn cake, butter vegetable, BBQ bean curd and Thai salad served with a variety of sauce.  
(Per person £6.50 (min. 2 people))  

Vegetable Side Dishes

Pud Phak Kiew  (V)   £4.95
Stir-fried seasonal green vegetables with soya beans sauce.  
Pud Phak Ruam  (V)   £4.95
Stir-fried mixed vegetable in oyster and soya beans sauce.  
Pud Broccolli  (V)   £4.95
Stir-fried broccoli in oyster sauce.  
Pud Thau Ngok Fai Dang  (V)   £4.95
Stir-fried bean sprouts with preserved soya beans and spring onion.  

Vegetarian Dishes

Mushroom with cashew nut (Hed Pud Med Ma Maung)  (V)   £7.95
Stir-fried mushroom with cashew nut, green and red capsicums and spring onion in sweet chilli sauce (N).  
Bean curd with basil (Tofu Pud Bai Ho Ra Pa)  (V)   £7.95
Stir-fried bean curd with sweet basil, green beans, chilli, onion, green and red capsicums in oyster sauce.  
Bean curd sweet and sour sauce (Tofu Pud Priew Warn)  (V)   £7.95
Stir-fried bean curd in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple, tomatoes, lychee and green and red capsicums.  
Mock duck with black pepper (Ped Jae Pud Prink Thai Dum)  (V)   £8.50
Stir-fried mock duck with crushed black peppercorn, diced onion, carrot, green and red capsicums, spring onion.  
Mock duck with ginger (Ped Jae Pud Khing)  (V)   £8.50
Stir-fried mock duck with julienne ginger, black mushroom, baby corn and spring onion, vegetable in soya sauce.  
Bean curd red wine sauce (Tofu Lao Dang)  (V)   £7.95
Sizzling bean curd in red wine sauce and vegetables.  
Aubergines three flavor sauce (Pud Ma Kue Tord Grob Sam Rod)  (V)   £7.95
Crispy aubergines in sweet chilli sauce and garlic sauce.  
Vegetarian green Thai curry (Gaeng Kiew Jae)  (V)   £8.95
Green dried chilli paste with tofu, mix vegetable coconut milk, aubergines and sweet basil.  

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